Marie Antoinette Icon Challenge

Let Them Make Icons!

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♥// All photos will be provided for unless stated otherwise

♥// Please leave your icon(s) as comments on the appropriate entry with the URL and the image.

♥// The icons submitted must meet the LJ standards. Meaning no larger than 100x100 pixels and less than 40K.

♥// You are allowed to use text, brushes, and when stated you may blend.

♥// Please do not enter in the contest unless you are a member!

♥// You must ask permission first from the creator before taking and using an icon.

♥// Please do not vote for yourself. I don't want to be mean but it's pointless. And do not get others to vote for you!

♥// All of the entries are screened so no one other than me will be able to see the icons posted before the voting.

♥// Do not show or post your submitted icon until the winners have been announced.

♥// There is no specified timeline for icon entries or voting. This is because I can become busy and may not be able to post things on schedule. When I post up a challenge I will put in the cut off dates and times. Sorry if this is an inconvenience.

♥// You do NOT! have to be a member of this community in order to participate in the voting. However, if you enter an icon in a challenge you MUST vote for that specific challenge or you will be disqualified and unable to win.

♥// There will be first place, second place, third place, and mod's choice winners. I will also post banners for the winners as well.

♥// All in all just have fun!

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