Elise (sweet_mizery) wrote in marie_challenge,

Challenge #18

So, this week's challenge will be a header challenge. I'm tired of the one I have up there and to be quite honest, it's crap! Just something I threw together one night. I really want to spice up the community and give it a new layout, so what better than a new header? Below are the rules, etc.

You can use whatever images you like. I have a lot of images in a photobucket account that I have used for this community, so if you have a hard time finding some let me know.


[x]Submit your header(s) as a comment to this post
[x]Include your image and the URL
[x]The header cannot exceed 700x300 pixels
[x]You may only submit up to TWO HEADERS
[x]Do not use previously made headers
[x]Do NOT show or post your headers anywhere else until the winners have been announced
[x]You may blend images
[x]You may use brushes and texts
[x]Headers must be submitted by Saturday October 6,2007 @ 12 AM


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