September 21st, 2007

Eternal Sunshine

Challenge #17 Voting

Again guys I am sooooo sorry! So, here is the voting for this challenge FINALLY! Tonight I will be posting an application to those of you who might be interested in co-moding.

[x]You can vote for NO MORE than 3 entries
[x]DO NOT vote for yourself
[x]Do not get someone else to vote for you
[x]Place your vote as a comment to this entry with your 3 favorite icons in order of appeal
[x]Voting will end on Sunday September 23 2007 @ 5PM


VOTING!Collapse )
Eternal Sunshine

Co-Mod Application

Please copy and paste the code below and leave it as a comment to this entry. As always the comments will be screened so that there won't be any "competition" or what not. Anyway I think I should explain a few things about what I want and expect from a co-mod. The "application" process will be open until next Friday. I will then deliberate who I think would be the best candidate as co-mod. The chosen applicant will then be on a 30 trial period just so I can be sure we get along, your schedule isn't too hectic, and that you get along with the other members, after all, this is my baby. lol.

What I am Looking For:
-Someone who is friendly and agreeable
-Preferrably has eperience maintaining a community, but it is not a requirement
-Has an interest in the well being of this community and it's members
-Actually LIKES the movie Marie Antoinette, this may sound silly but believe me there are people out there like that
-Has some sirt of experience making icons or banners
-Flexible and understanding

-Alternate setting up icon challenges
-Making sure the members go by the rules Ex. the new voting rule that if you entered an icon you MUST vote in order to win.
-Updating the community as regularly as possible
-Making banners for contest winners
-Working with me on new layouts, icons, banners, etc.